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RTU560 product line

Superior scalability for grid automation and control

Substation automation product for transmission and sub-transmission. RTU560 represents high-end network interfacing - offering maximum flexibility with the highest number of supported protocols for sub and host communications. Designed to handle the highly complex systems in grid automation and control interfacing. RTU560 connects to all kinds of IEDs, parallel I/Os, serial connected and communication via IEC 68150. All this real time data can then be transmitted to your central SCADA systems for critical actions - protecting your primary equipment from overloading of the grid. Optimize your investments with our long life cycle policy and benefit from our agile migration concepts.

Your benefits

  • Adaptability to changing conditions in your network
  • Secure flexibility with our modular platform that allows hot swap depending on your requirements
  • Precise data handling gives you peace-of-mind
  • Superior performance with up to 16 CMUs enables mass data handling
  • Experience of more than 40 years in substation automation make RTU560 a secure investment for you
  • Our agile migration concept saves your money and time

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Application Example
Application Area
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In complex network environments you are challenged by a large amount of data. Our RTU560 is the perfect solution for various applications for automation and control.
  • The migration solution allows you to retrofit your secondary equipment with reduced investment.

  • The combination of parallel wired I/Os, serial links and IEC 61850 is efficiently feasible with our RTU560 allowing you to work with infrastructures from different generations

  • Our flexible redundancy concepts provide high availability where you need it

RTU560 application example

  • Transmission network substations
    • Automation of transmission substation
    • Digital substation
    • Migration

  • Electrical distribution network, primary substation
    • Automation of primary substation
    • Transformer automation and control
Application RTU520 RTU540   RTU560
Ring main units    
Pole-top RTUs    
Capacitor banks    
Demand response    
Fault detection isolation restoration    
Voltage optimization    
Decentralized energy resources    
Substation automation    
Wellhead automation
Pipeline supervision  
Monitoring and control of pumping stations  
Monitoring and control of lift stations  
Monitoring and control of water reservoirs    

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