Medium voltage fused cutouts

Distribution cutouts for overcurrent protection on overhead distribution systems up to 38 kV for ANSI, IEC and Australian standards.

ABB has a long history of providing safe, reliable over-current protection for distribution systems with interchaneable and non-interchangeable cutouts and fused cutout that also perform as outdoor load break switches.

We design fused cutouts with porcelain, silicone rubber, or polymer concrete insulators. Polymer concrete and silicone rubber cutouts are able to perform in stressful environments, including extreme cold, heat, by the sea coast and in heavy pollution.

Why ABB?

  • Provides visible indication of fuse operation and a visible break sectionalizing point for maintenance personnel
  • Cutout / surge arrester combination and loadbreak interruption
  • ABB latest technology cutouts will not crack or break apart under stress
  • ABB advanced cutouts are so durable, that they come with an unprecedented 10-year warranty

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