ABB joins CIIE 2023 with over 50 cutting-edge products

ABB joins CIIE 2023 with over 50 cutting-edge products

  • ABB will launch its new measurement solution with Ethernet-APL technology, digital electrification products and smart manufacturing solution in process industries
  • Multiple MoUs will be signed for joining efforts to accelerate digital transformation and green development
  • ABB reserved stall for CIIE 2024, looking forward to writing new story with the expo

The 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10, and this marks the sixth consecutive year for ABB to participate in the expo. Under the theme of Partner of Choice for Sustainable Development, ABB will present more than 50 innovative products and technologies from all over the world with focus on clean energy, smart manufacturing, smart city and smart transportation. Its exhibits will include ABB’s next generation of collaborative robots, new high-voltage air circuit breakers and gas-insulated ring main unit, smart DC charger, energy-efficient motors, drive and ABB Cloud Drive, a range of automation solutions for the process and hybrid industries, and Marine offerings. ABB’s booth will also be featured with launch of new measurement product, digital electrification products and smart manufacturing solution for the steel and metal industry.

"As an old friend of CIIE, we are full of expectations for each edition of the expo. In the past five years, ABB has demonstrated more than 210 innovative products and cutting-edge technologies at the expo, with a few new product launches. It has also provided an excellent platform for us to better understand the market demands and gain more business opportunities including the signing of nearly 90 MoUs. With the strong influence and substantial visibility of CIIE, we look forward to more ABB products and technologies taking off from the platform and landing in the country this year, while deepening cooperation with our customers to explore the pathway to green, low-carbon and sustainable development." said Dr. Chunyuan Gu, Chairman of ABB China.

Automation solutions for smart manufacturing and industrial transformation

Fast data transmission over long distances is essential for industrial digital transformation. The field-level Ethernet-APL technology is simple, practical, compatible, easy-to-use and brings bandwidth and communication speed to a level that allows process industries to reap the rewards associated with digitalization such as asset management and condition monitoring applications. It allows process industries to leverage data across the value chain from the field-level device to the control system, the cloud and everywhere in between.

This year’s CIIE will witness the global debut of ABB measurement product with Ethernet-APL technology. Compared with traditional measurement, this innovative solution offers faster data transmission rate, full data recording and enhanced analysis capability. Through the seamless connectivity of field equipment and 10Mbps transmission speed of Ethernet-APL, it presents a higher level of digital instrumentation that allows the field data of process industries to reach control room at unprecedented speed and provide accurate data foundation for the application layer to unlock data value.

ABB has also integrated the Ethernet-APL technology into its distributed control system that provides industrial users with seamless communication with the field and has been deployed at BASF's new Verbund site in Zhanjiang, China. At the Expo booth, ABB will display multiple process automation products and solutions integrated with the Ethernet-APL technology.

Human-robot collaboration is a key development trend of industrial robots. ABB will present two leading cobot applications: the new GoFa™ Education package combines easy-to-use GoFa™ collaborative robot cell and globally recognized STEM certification for practical robot teaching and training, leading the way of robot teaching and automation education; the GoFa™ Mystery Box demo is featured with a GoFa 12 cobot which will draw the gift for visitors who earn enough points by engaging in a variety of interactive games and Q&A. As a new variant of GoFa cobot, the GoFa 12 offers new possibilities to leverage cobot automation for enhanced efficiency. With a reach of 1.37m, a 12kg payload and a TCP speed of up to 2.2 m/s, the cobot can handle an expanded range of tasks in close collaboration with workers, addressing skills and labor shortages while improving safety and productivity.

ABB will also launch a smart manufacturing solution for the safe and collaborative production in steel and nonferrous metal industries at CIIE 2023. The solution combines a basic process automation solution, an integrated operation platform and a data analytics platform, which allows customers to leverage ABB's expertise and advanced technology to improve their own manufacturing processes. This cutting-edge solution will help steelmakers optimize their operational efficiency, productivity, safety and reliability.

Digital offerings for energy transition and energy efficiency

As part of ABB’s portfolio to enable sustainability, ABB will present its full range of latest electrification products and solutions for green energy, green industry, green data center and green building at the sixth CIIE. The exhibits will include the new Emax 2/E HV Air Circuit Breaker which supports renewable energy growth with increased performances for wind and solar applications, Safe 40.5kV ring main unit and switchgear, flexible solar energy storage solution for buildings, EAM energy and asset management, smart building solution and smart energy optimization system, which enable a low-carbon future. ABB will also launch three new products to China market: Lmax-T low-voltage busway for data center and the authorized UniSafe Digital MV switchgear digital solution.

Energy efficient motors and drives have wide market perspective for energy saving and emission reduction in industrial and other fields. Visitors will find a wide range of energy efficient products and solutions at ABB booth of CIIE 2023, including ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic drive, Permanent Magnet Shaft Generator, a variety of PLC and servo products, and ABB Cloud Drive, all of which are designed to increase efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions for green and sustainable development. ABB Cloud Drive, developed by ABB China Motion business, is a comprehensive digital product by combining cloud connectivity, condition monitoring, remote diagnosis and online archiving to provide a real digital experience for customers of various industries.

ABB, through its Energy Transition Equations report will introduce how to reduce carbon emissions by using cutting-edge automation, electrification and digital technologies in the fields of water treatment and offshore oil and gas, enabling the green low-carbon transformation and sustainable development of the traditional energy industry.

Innovative solutions for smart city and sustainable transport

The convenient access to charging infrastructure is essential for EV adoption and sustainable transport. Following the exhibition of 480kW DC HP power charger with liquid-cooled system last year, ABB will exhibit the new generation of Terra serial charger - Terra CA II smart DC charger at the sixth CIIE. The charger is ideally suited for centralized EV charging stations and high-end building parking facilities, and can meet the diversified charging needs of electric taxi, electric logistics vehicles, e-buses, etc. With wide output voltage range from 300V to 1000V DC, the charger will well support todays and next generation EVs, contributing to China’s efforts to electrify and decarbonize its transportation system.

Zero-emission marine is a significant portion of the sustainable transport system. ABB has been providing a series of sustainable solutions including the Azipod® electric propulsion, moving the shipping industry into a new era of sustainability. For example, ABB provided a full set of electric propulsion system to China's groundbreaking cruise ship, Adora Magic City after signing the cooperation agreement at CIIE 2018 with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of China CSSC Holding Ltd. Now the cruise ship will soon set sail after a series of trial trip and tests, becoming a good story of CIIE exhibitors sharing development opportunities for win-win success.

ABB’s digital technologies are also powering the development of smart city. Its Greenhouse Gas Emission Detection System with extremely fast response and high precision has a wide coverage of land, sky and space and provides solid technical support for China on its way towards carbon neutrality.

In addition to the exhibition and product launch, ABB will leverage the vital platform to share opportunities by strengthening cooperation with customers and signing MoUs with key partners.

China is ABB's second largest market as well as its important R&D and manufacturing center globally. ABB has been a member of CIIE since the first edition in 2018. The expo has already become a showcase of China’s new development paradigm, a platform for high-level opening-up and a public good for the whole world, providing a broad platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to present their innovative technologies and share development opportunities. ABB has already signed up for the next year’s CIIE and looks forward to writing new story with the expo.

Visitors are welcomed to visit ABB Booth (H4.1 B3-03) at CIIE 2022 from November 5 to 10. Online visitors can also have a virtual tour of ABB booth and listen to the professional opinions of ABB experts through the live streaming at 11:00 November 7 by scanning the QR code below.


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