ABB improves power grid reliability in cooperation with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) with medium-voltage solutions

Dubai - ABB, the global leader in power and automation technology, is working with the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Arabia’s national power transmission and distribution operator to support their goals of increased performance and power grid reliability. ABB is supplying SEC with medium-voltage surge protection outdoor equipment including fuse cutouts and sectionalizers as part of an upgrade of the distribution network.

SEC is upgrading the capacity of its distribution network by installing new substations throughout Saudi Arabia. These substations will supply power along overhead distribution lines, which will include protective devices such as ABB's fuse cutouts and sectionalizers.

Bruno Melles, managing director of the Medium Voltage Products business, said: "The upgrade will securely and reliably deliver electricity to both households and the growing industrial and commercial sectors in the region".

ABB's state-of-the-art fuse cutout is installed at regular intervals along primary overhead feeder lines. The device combines a fuse with a switch to protect distribution transformers from damage due to current surges and overloads. This is a technique used by electrical distribution utilities around the world to keep the energy supply flowing safely and reliably. ABB's fuse cutouts have moisture-proof tubes, which are ideal in extreme temperatures. More conventional tubes shrink in extreme temperatures and need replacing rapidly to reduce risks to the system. This makes ABB's fuse cutouts a more reliable and resilient solution for SEC.

The sectionalizer is a protection device that automatically isolates a faulty section of line from the rest of the distribution system so that healthy branches remain operational. By automating the isolation of faulty sections, SEC will be able to avoid the emergency dispatching of crews to the field and schedule fault repair work along with other routine maintenance activities, especially when working in remote locations.

As it expands its power grid, SEC aims is to provide a selective, automated and safe means to protect the overhead networks within this vast territory. It will focus on the areas where loads may be affected by temporary faults, ensuring that power will reach its consumers more reliably. ABB's automated solutions are being installed throughout the entire extension of the network, resulting in a more resilient power infrastructure. This will also ensure service continuity with the highest safety standards and therefore help to protect critical loads of SEC's networks.


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