“We’ve always pushed the boundaries” – Theodor Swedjemark on the benefits of ABB technology for sustainability

In the latest episode of the ABB DECODED podcast, Theodor Swedjemark, Chief Communications and Sustainability Officer, discusses how ABB is driving progress towards a more sustainable future.

ABB’s 2030 sustainability strategy will drive the company’s contribution to a more sustainable world by enabling a low-carbon society, preserving resources and promoting social progress. To meet these goals, ABB has set out clear targets to be achieved through innovative technological development and industry-leading solutions.

Sustainability strategy and purpose at ABB

“We've always taken a sustainable approach to doing business. It's a core part of ABB’s purpose and the value we create for our stakeholders, balancing the needs of society, environment and economy in whatever we do. We are also making a significant contribution to the UN’s sustainable development goals.”

Media and research organization, Corporate Knights, placed ABB 33rd on its list of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies, representing the top one per cent in terms of sustainability performance.

“By 2030, we plan to become carbon-neutral by continuing to transition to renewable energy sources and improving energy efficiency. In addition, we’re aiming to double the number of women in senior management positions to 25 per cent. Outside of ABB, we want to reduce our customers’ annual CO2 emissions by 100 megatons – equating to the annual emissions of 30 million combustion cars.”

Driving e-mobility progress

“We recently teamed up with EDF in France for a bi-directional charging project where EVs don’t only use the electricity grid to charge, they can also be a back-up power source, helping stabilize the grid at times of peak demand. You are paid for this electricity given back, helping to reduce the cost of EV ownership.“

ABB entered the e-mobility market back in 2010, and today has sold more than 400,000 electric vehicle chargers across more than 85 markets; more than 20,000 DC fast chargers and 380,000 AC chargers, including those sold through Chargedot. It is this experience and continued commitment to driving progress in e-mobility solutions that made ABB’s partnership with Formula E such a great fit.

“I'm so proud of the ABB Formula E partnership. It is a test-bed for collaborative innovation and a platform to excite everyone about this technology and the sustainability that goes hand-in-hand with it.”

Pushing technology boundaries for a more sustainable future

ABB is continuously finding new technology solutions for its customers, not only to help make their operations more sustainable, but also to address the causes of climate change – for example, ABB monitoring systems on satellites that are tracking the sources of greenhouse gas emissions on the planet.

“When mounted on a satellite, ABB’s optical sensor is able to pinpoint the precise location of methane gas emissions on the Earth's surface. This new sensor is a significant advancement because previous solutions could only survey larger regions. With this degree of detail, we can go directly to the source of the emissions, allowing governments to take much faster actions to reduce or even eliminate them.”

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries. www.abb.com


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