Students of STEI ITB Receive ABB 2021 Jürgen Dorman Foundation Scholarship

Students of STEI ITB Receive ABB 2021 Jürgen Dorman Foundation Scholarship

Since 2007, the ABB-JDF scholarship has supported outstanding electrical engineering students to be ready to step into professional industrial world.

Global leading technology firm ABB announces the recipients of the 2021 Jürgen Dorman Foundation (JDF) scholarship in Indonesia. The scholarship is an ABB program to support talented and outstanding electrical engineering students in various parts of the world.   Following a tight selection process since the beginning of the year, four students of the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at Bandung Institute of Technology (STEI ITB) are selected as the recipients of the ABB-JDF scholarship in 2021. The scholarship covers tuition fee and costs of living for a maximum five years of study, as well as the cost to purchase a private computer in the first year.  

The ABB-JDF scholarship’s recipients in Indonesia this year are Fabian Savero Diaz Pranoto, I Gede Arya Raditya Parameswara, Marcellus Michael Herman Kahari, and Maharani Ayu Putri Irawan. Fabian is a class of 2019’s student at STEI ITB, while Arya, Marcellus, and Maharani began their study there in 2020.   ABB Indonesia Country Managing Director, Michael Hose, said “We are really proud for being able to give opportunities for engineering students around the world to improve their capacity and enhance their skills through the ABB-JDF scholarship program. Congratulations to the four recipients of the ABB-JDF program this year and we hope that they could continue prove themselves as the best students during their study at STEI ITB.”  

ABB has provided financial supports through the Jürgen Dorman Foundation for Engineering Education since 2007. Until now, hundreds of students from ABB’s partner universities have been recorded as recipients of the scholarship. The Swiss industry giant began its partnership with ITB in 2012 to provide financial aids for electrical engineering and informatics students as its contribution to the national industry and human development efforts in Indonesia.  

STEI ITB’s second-year students may send in their scholarship application during registration period which is opened every year. ABB and ITB require the scholarship candidates to have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.60/4.00 or higher, proven by providing copy of academic transcript, submit personal motivation letter and a recommendation letter signed by faculty dean or head of the academic program.  

Other documents that must be provided as part of the scholarship requirements are certificate of award or reference letter of organizational activity, parents’ salary slips or bank statement for the past three months, a letter stating that the candidate is not a current recipient of other scholarship, and completed scholarship form.  

Through the ABB-JDF scholarship program, students obtain opportunities to develop their personal and professional capacity to allow them take imminent role in Indonesia’s economy in the future. In addition to financial aid, the ABB-JDF scholarship opens access for students to get to know professional work culture through their mentors, who are assigned by ABB. These mentors will provide guidance for scholarship recipients and help them score higher achievements during the course of their study.  

The students will also gain new knowledge and chances to build network with other recipients of the scholarship and engineering practitioners around the world. Equipped with confidence and qualification that are invigorated throughout the scholarship program, ABB-JDF scholarship recipients will be a valuable asset for the company or institutions where they serve in the future.  

Hose said “We want to contribute to give additional value for the students, which is in line with the purpose of the ABB-JDF program, namely to support and motivate young generation to be able to maximize their potentials in the engineering field, regardless of their future workplace choice.”  The scholarship recipients will be enlisted to various professional skills training program held by ABB to complement their formal education.

They will be enrolled to English language course to prepare them to continue their study at international universities or to work at multinational companies. Further, ABB-JDF scholars will be granted larger opportunity to join ABB’s internship program. ABB will also prioritize ABB-JDF scholarship recipients who apply through the company’s graduate engineering program after they conclude their study and obtain their degree.


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