ABB Motion Survey: Sustainable operations through Energy Efficiency

ABB Motion Survey: Sustainable operations through Energy Efficiency

Participate now. One survey. One tree planted.

ABB Indonesia has been participating in the research collaboration between ABB Motion Service and the University of St. Gallen. We are exploring the current trends and key challenges around the topics of energy efficiency and sustainability.  

The goal of these interviews is to learn about our customer successes, as well as to understand their pain points when it comes to implementing sustainable business practices with the focus on energy efficiency. Everyone who concerns about energy efficiency of operations and equipment and sustainability in general can, of course, contribute.  

So far, over 30 companies have already contributed to our survey and are committed to make a change. Follow their path and become part of the ENERGY EFFICIENCY MOVEMENT.  

How to enable sustainable operations in industries? Here is the link to the survey:   

A new generation of costumers is rapidly growing with a clear priority: “We have to be socially responsible, so we need sustainable services and products.“    

So, let’s act now and drive the change together!    

We now kindly invite participants from all industries, roles, and regions to take part in our survey. Please do help us to spread the survey and forward it to your customers, channel partners, or business partners.  

For each participant, we will plant one tree. A final report summarizing our findings and conclusions will be published in Spring 2022.   

Learn more about our work in our interim report


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