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Celebrating 110 years of turbocharging

In 1905, Dr. Alfred Büchi, a Swiss engineer patented the turbocharging technology. Alfred Büchi believed combustion engines were not efficient enough and set out to investigate ways of making them more efficient. Turbocharging ​is one of a few rare inventions that come with only benefits. With a turbocharger, engine power output is increased, emissions are lowered, fuel consumption is reduced and costs are saved.

The saying by Dr. Jesse Jackson "If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it", absolutely holds true for Dr. Alfred Büchi's determination to find solutions to making combustion engines more efficient. His initial attempts at developing a turbocharger or similar failed, but he was not deterred; he became even more determined instead. On November 16, 1905, Dr. Büchi received the patent No.204630 from the Imperial Patent Office of the German Reich for turbocharging, laying the foundation for the technology that has continued to revolutionize engine efficiencies and improve global productivity.

Having collaborated with Alfred Büchi to develop the world’s first heavy-duty turbocharger, ABB Turbocharging is particularly proud to celebrate the distinguished past of turbocharging and its equally distinguished future. Turbochargers undoubtedly contributed to the industrial revolution and have continued to propel the industry forward.

We invite you to embark on a journey to relive the distinguished history of turbocharging and envision its outstanding future.

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