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At ABB Marine & Ports, we are at the forefront of driving the evolution of sustainable shipping. Electrical propulsion, data-driven decision support and integrated solutions for ship and shore from ABB are paving the way to a zero-emission marine industry, providing greater efficiency and reliability to shipowners, and preparing vessels to meet the demands of tomorrow.
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CO2e calculator: The proof is in the numbers

Find out how much CO2e emissions you could reduce on your vessel by applying ABB's technology. Fill in the main operational details of your vessel. The calculator will estimate how much CO2e emissions you can expect to reduce.

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Vessel segments

We offer solutions to a wide range of vessel types, of which some are highlighted below. ABB provides solutions from grid to propeller, and ship to gate, including the pioneering Azipod® propulsion, electric and hybrid technologies, and various digital innovations. Learn how we are enabling safer, smarter and more sustainable operations for different vessel types.

Our portfolio

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The greatest footprint you can leave behind, is a smaller one.

Focus topics

Maritime is electrifying

As the global population grows, so do the demands placed upon the maritime industry. Increased operations mean increased emissions, and every minute travelled over distance and every minute staying at port has a cost.  ABB helps save fuel, emissions, and ultimately costs every mile and minute. This is how we lead decarbonization on the sea.

Offshore wind

With rising demand for wind power, there is an increased need for wind turbine installation vessels, service operation vessels and cable laying vessels. ABB’s electric, automated and digital solutions help these ships enhance safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations.

Stepwise to autonomy

As vessels become more electric, automated and digital than ever before, ABB equips seafarers with existing solutions that augment their skillsets and enhance the overall safety and efficiency of operations.

Latest insights from our article series Generations

Generations, the article series from ABB Marine & Ports, showcases unique business perspectives from global thought leaders, alongside in-depth technical insight from ABB’s own experts.

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ABB Marine & Ports is supplying world-leading technologies that drive the evolution of sustainable shipping. The company's solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize vessel operations. Marine & Ports consists of over 2000 team members spread across 26 countries.

Whatever your role in ABB, you can be sure you are helping to create a better world through our leading technologies and responsible business practices. By joining us, you will have the opportunity to make a difference, expand your horizons and grow in your professional career. 
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ABB leverages its electric, automated and digital technologies to enable safer, smarter and more sustainable marine and ports industries.

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