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ABB Marine & Ports supplies world-leading technologies that are driving the evolution of sustainable shipping. Electrical propulsion, data-driven decision support and integrated solutions for ship and shore from ABB are paving the way to a zero-emission marine industry, providing greater efficiency and reliability to shipowners, and preparing vessels to meet the demands of tomorrow. Our automation and electrical solutions are making port and terminal operations safer, greener and more productive. ABB Marine & Ports operates in 26 countries and has 2,000 employees.

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Around 90% of the world's cargo is moved by sea. At this very moment, some 100,000 ships are sailing on our oceans - moving goods and people to their destinations around the globe.

The transition to a sustainable economy is one of the major undertakings in human history. Industrial technology companies have a critical role to play in this historic effort, applying the brightest minds to develop technologies and deliver solutions that will enable the global green shift.

As a major stakeholder in this movement, ABB Marine & Ports is committed to supporting the shipping industry’s decarbonization agenda with electric, digital and connected technologies that allow cleaner and more efficient operations.

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Our people are our strength

When you care about people, you realize: most people care about the same things. That's why we trust people to help us make the future; easy, efficient, safe and sustainable.

"As we see diversity as a core strength, we seek to create an inclusive environment, in which everyone is safe, treated with respect and can succeed. We want our people to be proud of ABB and proud of what we stand for."
- Björn Rosengren, CEO

What type of people: engineers, sales, marketers, R&D, lawyers, controllers, project managers, and more.


Our responsibility runs deep

We are passionate about transforming the marine and port industries with innovative electric, automated and digital technologies.

And we firmly believe that by working together we can do as much good for ship and terminal operations as we do for the world around us. 

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Watch a selection of our recorded ABB TechTalks to get a deeper insight into the electric, digital and connected solutions that we offer to the maritime industry. To see the full collection of the ABB TechTalks for Marine & Ports, go here.
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