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Our integrated automation, control and bridge systems are built on industry leading architecture.  Together with our cloud based solutions and services, ABB Marine Digital leads the way in improving ship and fleet safety, efficiency and availability.  

We recognize the underlying need to support the competent people who operate these vessels.

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The Lloyd’s List Podcast: How to de-risk the future of shipping

27 October 2022 
Listen to the featured highlights from the innovation webinar hosted by Lloyd’s List Editor where Osku Kälkäjä, Head of Digital Business at ABB Marine & Ports shared his insights on how the shipping industry can surpass the obstacles of adopting innovative technology

Many of the larger shipping companies are using increasingly sophisticated data collection solutions and seem quite confident at adopting smarter technologies and AI into the systems for digital efficiency, but smaller companies that stand for 70% of the industry are having are slower to adapt.

Cooperative Vessel Operations enabled through autonomous systems

Research and development being undertaken towards autonomous shipping operations has been a focal point of the maritime community in recent years, accelerating our understanding of what to expect from autonomous vessels.

Discussions have often focused on technological challenges, but now that pilot projects are being rolled out, attention needs to shift towards identifying commercially viable and scalable applications for autonomous technology. This article addresses use cases for different types of Cooperative Vessel Operations that harness varying levels of autonomy.

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