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ABB’s Bridge solutions portfolio

ABB’s integrated bridge systems help crews operate more efficiently and safely than what is possible on a standard bridge. We have integrated previously separate systems into one holistic bridge environment that supports the operator with a better situational awareness as well as to handle the ship more efficiently and safely than what was previously possible. 

Welcome to the future of ship operations!

ABB Ability™ AX Bridge

The AX Bridge simplifies the vessel maneuvering experience, by combining and harmonizing functions and information that used to be separate. In addition to fewer levers and less informational noise, the system offers automated operations, operational support and assistance. 

Our systems include:

All-speed joystick control

Our path forward

Stepwise to autonomy

As vessels become more electric, automated and digital than ever before, ABB equips seafarers with existing solutions that augment their skillsets and enhance the overall safety and efficiency of operations.

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