Stepwise to autonomy

ABB leverages its electric, automated and digital technologies to enable safer, smarter and more sustainable marine and ports industries

Making a world of difference in the marine industry

As vessels become more electric, automated and digital than ever before, ABB equips seafarers with existing solutions that augment their skillsets and enhance the overall safety and efficiency of operations.

Autonomous solutions are expected to transform international shipping in the coming decades. Recent development in sensor technology, data analytics and computing power enable to increase the level of automation in ship navigation, steering and control. As a basic definition an autonomous vessel is not necessarily unmanned but an unmanned vessel is, by default, autonomous to a high degree.

Autonomous does not mean unmanned. Human remote control and supervision are required in order to allow ships to operate more autonomously, and ABB systems make that possible.

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Navigating the future

As a global leader in advanced digital and auto­mation technology supporting the shipping industry to achieve safe and efficient operation, ABB posed the question: How can recent developments in sensor technology, data analytics and computing power be used to provide seafarers with better situational awareness and improved vessel control?

ABB’s answer is to introduce digital, autonomous and remote control capabilities to enable machines and humans to work together for superior performance.

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Making history in Helsinki

ABB has enabled the world’s first remote control trial of an existing passenger ferry using off-the-shelf technology that can be fitted to virtually any sailing vessel. See how it went in the video.

"This remote control ferry demonstration is a significant milestone in the development of more autonomous shipping systems.", said Division President for ABB Marine & Ports, Juha Koskela during the trial.

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