Emergency stops made easy

With ABB Ability™ Marine Braking Assistance

Pod-way emergency stops at the click on a button. To relieve the crew of performing emergency stops manually, we have automated the procedure so the crew can keep their attention on the situation ahead.

  • Performs crash stops better than what is possible manually
  • Balances the loads on propulsion system
  • Retains control over steering
  • Lowers risk to the propulsion system

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Easier, faster and safer crash-stops
  • Stops vessel more efficiently than manual control, every time
  • Easily adjust heading with the mini-wheel
  • Lowers risk of damage to pods and propulsion
  • Starts at the push of a button
Relieves the operator
  • Allows the operator to focus on the situation instead of the procedure
  • Alleviates pressure on crew in an emergency situation
Makes you safer
  • Shorter stopping time and distance
  • Enables steering during the maneuver
  • Increases safety for ship, crew and passengers

ABB Ability™ Marine Braking Assistance is already in operation on a range of the world’s largest cruise ships and ferries.

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