ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control

Pilot Control offers a new way to control your vessel during all operational modes including maneuvering, transit, and position-keeping. Designed for autonomous and remote operations, the system enables optimal and complete all-speed vessel control from one operator position, using a joystick and touch screen. Compatible up to and including DP2.

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Key benefits

Operational assistance

• Predicts the future behaviour of the vessel
• Automation of traditional manual sequences

Fewer systems to operate

• Control the whole voyage from the same system
• One joystick and touch screen for all navigation control

Automated maneuvering

• Enabled for autonomous or remote control
• Ensure optimal and predictable operation

One system for the whole journey

With one system to control the whole voyage, operations simply become easier. Enjoy the smoothness of working from one operator position only, for position keeping, at speed, in transit, with the assistance of collision avoidance advisory, automated braking assistance and autodocking to increase safety and reduce risk.

The illustration shows a typical voyage by a WTIV, highlighting where ABB Marine Pilot Control solution will be beneficial. The solution is modular and can be built to suit any vessel from ferries to cruise vessels.


Our product vision:

Our Pilot family solutions form the core building blocks of the integrated AX Bridge. This allows you to choose the level of automation or autonomy that suits your needs. The goal of Pilot Control is to have one system for all operational needs, enabling simplified and consistent vessel control for optimized maneuverability.

The Marine Pilot Control functionality follows a modular implementation approach. It incorporates a variety of different functionalities, ranging from stand-alone solutions, through DP to automatic-ready solutions.

The flow-chart demonstrates the upgradeability of our systems, as software and hardware complexity can be added. As an example, an upgrade to the all-speed functionality can be done through a simple software upgrade, regardless of the vessel’s hardware set-up.

The Joystick control System revolutionizes ship control. Instead of performing speed control like a conventional joystick our Joystick simplifies navigation and maneuvering through force control.

Pilot Control product is mainly sold as an integrated solution with our Remote Control System. Yet, it is also available as stand-alone integrated with select third party systems.

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