Dynamic positioning

Our DP is a subfunction of ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control, available on the AX Bridge platform or as stand-alone. The solution uses accurate hydrodynamic models of the thrusters and the ship, for simplified and efficient vessel control. The system is user friendly and available for DP0, DP1 and DP2 class operation, suitable for vessels ranging from offshore construction vessels to pleasure craft.

What’s special about ABB’s DP?

Accurate hydrodynamic models of the thrusters and the vessel enables smooth automated vessel control

User friendly, designed with focus on the user experience

Better dynamic performance and less wear and tear on the thrusters

We provide capability analysis for all DP classes

Marine Pilot Control is the next generation control platform for vessels and provides the starting point for future autonomous operations.

An introduction to DP

Dynamic positioning systems neutralizes waves, wind and other natural forces that try to move your vessel and allows maintaining your vessel in a set point for as long as you like. Position and heading-keeping is automatically performed multiple times per second, determining the forces required to adjust the vessel to its desired position in response to the changing environmental forces.

DP improves operational safety and precision while reducing crew fatigue. 

Standard DP functionalities

  • Area Mode (relaxed DP)
  • Auto Heading Mode
  • Auto Position Mode
  • Auto Track Mode
  • Automatic Wind Compensation
  • Configurable Windage Area
  • Consequence Analysis
  • Draft Compensation Mode
  • Force Bias Mode
  • Jack-up Mode
  • Joystick Mode
  • Online Capability Plot
  • ROV Mode
  • Trainer Mode

Sensor and position reference interfaces

  • Draft Sensors
  • Heading and environmental
  • HPR
  • Optical laser
  • Microwave-based
  • Motion detectors
  • Speed Log
  • Wind Sensors
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