A Human-centered User Experience

The AX Bridge User interface

AX UI is designed with human centered principles to support the operator throughout the voyage. With balanced composition, clear visuals and prioritized information the design helps lower cognitive overload, enabling safe and efficient operation. 

The AX UI and AX levers complement one another creating a seamless user experience.

A closer look at the UI

Maneuver mode

In maneuver and DP mode, the overhead indication screen is displaying essential operational information for all the thrusters, including the set point and actual value for steering angle and RPM well as the available power per Azipod® propulsion unit.

Sea mode

In sea mode, the overhead indication screen displays a combined steering angle in addition to power information per Azipod® propulsion unit.

Power view

An additional indication screen shows the power plant status as a single line diagram, the actual and available power per Azipod® propulsion unit and the status of the steering gear.

Control view

The control screen enables the user to give operational commands to the system, such as starting and stopping the thrusters and toggling different Azipod® propulsion unit modes.

Helmsman screen

Used in the steering stand position and shows relevant information related to navigation while giving an overview of the propulsion. 

Left image shows maneuver mode and right image sea mode.

ABB Ability™ Marine Pilot Control

Pilot Control offers a new way to control your vessel during all operational modes including maneuvering, transit, and position-keeping. Designed for autonomous and remote operations, the system enables optimal and complete all-speed vessel control from one operator position.

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