A new holistic operator experience

ABB Ability™ AX Bridge

The AX Bridge simplifies the vessel maneuvering experience, by combining and harmonizing functions and information that used to be separate. Fewer levers, a common UI and less information flood. 

The screens and levers adapt to your current operational mode, allowing better situational overview, safer and more efficient vessel control. The combined User Interface smartly filters information, showing what’s relevant to the current operational tasks. Through adaptive controls, screens, levers and sounds, the AX Bridge offers a new holistic operator experience, improving focus and situational understanding. The bridge topology is set up to reflect your vessel's operations and Azipod® configuration.

AX Bridge is the platform for all of ABB’s innovative bridge solutions, current and future. This enables vessels sailing with AX Bridge today, to easily add on new functionalities later on.

Top 3 benefits

Operate with confidence

• Seamless operation, using the same controls and displays for all modes, including transit, DP and maneuvering.
• Enhances understanding and control of your vessel

Intuitive and supportive in use

When the mode changes, displayed information and the lever functions adapt, with tactile feedback, light indications and sounds supporting the operator’s situational awareness

Increases vessel safety and integrity

• Operate as easily both in normal and backup mode, on the same equipment
• Enhanced alert handling

Get to know the AX Multilevers

Developed to give the operator enhanced control and understanding of a vessel’s Azipod® units, the AX levers guides the user to optimized operations, and warns and vibrates when the pods are put in inefficient or unfavourable angles, making sailing easier and safer. 

Our User Interface

Is designed with human centered principles to support the operator throughout the voyage. The AX UI and AX levers complement one another creating a seamless user experience.

Product vision

ABB AX Bridge brings integration concept-thinking to the vessel command bridge. By introducing patented new lever designs and user centric design philosophy, the system improves the operators control and situational awareness over the operation at hand.
The AX Bridge is at the core of ABB future integrated bridge that envisions one system to control the vessel in all circumstances.

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