C-CAMs — Compact automation solution

For container, bulker, tanker and roro vessels

C-CAMs is a user-friendly automation solution that integrates control, alarm and monitoring of critical systems on board. Designed for merchant marine applications, the solution is the first of its kind to offer access to system data via mobile devices

Lower installation cost

  • Standardized, modular and scalable design
  • Ready-made documentation for easier yard engineering
  • Fast to install


Easier and safer to operate

  • Intuitive for safe and efficient operation
  • High uptime
  • View essential operational data from anywhere onboard


Redundant by design

  • Standalone vessel automation system with dedicated sub-systems
  • Cyber security built-in




The C-CAMs mobile app enables quick access to key operational data in real-time

With the C-CAMs mobile app the crew can view and search for process data and look at any alarms that may have been triggered, from anywhere on the vessel at any time. This enables more efficient operations, faster decision making and collaboration across the vessel.

The app functions whenever connected the ship's WiFi network, but also when connected to mobile data as long as the phone has a secure connection, such as VPN. As it is based on the ABB Ability™ Edgenius platform, we ensure that the crew has real-time operations data available for visualization, analysis and action.

Enhance safety and operations with real-time automation information available at your fingertips.



Vessel types C-CAMs automation solution applies to

  • Pure Car Carriers (PCC) and RORO
  • Tankers
  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container vessels



Cybersecurity built in


Highly standardized


Specifically built for cargo vessels




Modular design for easy scalability


Standalone vessel automation system with dedicated subsystems



Includes ready-made documents for easier shipyard engineering



Modern, intuitive and proven user interface for efficient and safe operations



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