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ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS - Marine Advisory System

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ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS - Marine Advisory System is a unique product family for performance management in marine operations. Through various deployment methods, fuel consumption and emissions are able to be reduced by guiding crew decisions quickly.  Availability and safety of the ship is able to be measured and protected as well. Fleet visibility is achieved through secure data transfer for broader analysis by shoreside specialists in the office.


Ensuring safe voyage with ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS by forecasting and monitoring the motion behavior of the vessel, and therefore keeping the vessel and her cargo safe and crew and passengers comfortable.


With operational advice coming from the ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS, ship owners and operators can ensure the availability of their assets.


ABB Ability™ OCTOPUS support customers to reach higher operational efficiencies and lower fuel consumption.



Safety & Availability modules

Response Forecast - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Response Forecast

The Response Forecast module provides a forecast for motions, velocities and accelerations for a vessel. It facilitates the crew to take the vessel responses into account when planning (and making changes to) the route. The forecast also offers accurate insight into the impact of the weather on the vessel and her cargo giving the possibility to the crew to make decisions at an earlier stage, leading to saved fuel and time.
Motion Monitoring - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Motion Monitoring

OCTOPUS Motion Monitoring with a single sensor setup (MMS-1) provides measurement of motions, velocities and accelerations on the vessel. The system is included with alarm management for real-time and statistical values. By transferring this data to the Fleet Portal for onshore insight, critical situations or accidents can be analyzed, leading to increased understanding of vessel limitations and prevention of situations where the vessel and her cargo are at risk. With the Advanced Motion monitoring set-up a large number of different locations on the vessel and cargo can be monitored simultaneously. 
Dynamic Positioning Forecast - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Dynamic Positioning Forecast

For vessels equipped with a Dynamic Positioning system, ABB's DP Forecast software includes a prediction if the vessel is capable to maintain her DP position during an operation. This leads to maximized workability, less fuel consumption and more productive hours during operations where the DP system is used. The DP software calculates an onboard forecast of the mean and slowly varying forces acting on the vessel due to currents, wind and waves.

Energy efficiency modules


Performance Monitoring

The Performance Monitoring module is the key module for OCTOPUS to provide onboard performance data. It provides data collection and visualization for a set of signals to help monitoring the vessels operations, i.e. daily operational costs and to work as a supporting tool for the Ship Energy Efficient Management Plan (SEEMP). The system collects the most important data from propulsion, the vessel fuel consumption and main navigational variables, and the data is sent to ABB Ability™ Marine Fleet Portal. The module can easily be upgraded to monitor a larger amount of signals and to display advanced key performance indicators.
Dynamic Trim - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Dynamic Trim

This solution advises the operating crew on the vessel's optimum trim in all operating conditions (including variations in conditions such as speed, draft, water depth, wind and waves). Depending on the vessel type and operational profile, the savings potential can be up to 5% of propulsion energy costs.
CleanHull - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports


The Cleanhull module measures the impact of hull and propeller fouling on the required propulsion power of the vessel. It monitors the vessel performance over time and provides a comparison to a baseline performance and the estimated fuel loss due to the fouling effect. The module provides information to help in planning hull and propeller maintenance. 

Power Plant Optimizer - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Power Plant Optimization

The Power Plant Optimizer advices the user on how to operate the power plant in the optimal way in order to save fuel. The system monitors the status and load of each engine. In addition to displaying the required power demand, the Power Plant Optimizer provides the user instructions on when to start and stop engines and how to balance the load in the most efficient way. Total optimization considers the whole vessel power consumption thus taking into vessel auxiliary loads.
SFOC Monitoring - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

SFOC Monitoring

The SFOC Monitoring module evaluates the performance of the vessel engines and generators. It makes noticing slow changes in their performance easier and assists decisions on maintenance needs.
Energy Flow - ABB Ability™ Marine Advisory System - OCTOPUS - ABB Marine & Ports

Energy Flow

The Energy Flow Diagram module visualizes the energy flow of the entire vessel. It helps in understanding the different energy producing and consuming processes and their current operation and how they are connected to each other.



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