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The ABB Ability™ Marine Fleet Portal provides onshore stakeholders easy access to individual and fleetwide vessel data coming from the onboard OCTOPUS system. Authorized users can access their own part of the protected website to retrieve the latest information. Depending on the onboard OCTOPUS configuration, the Fleet Portal displays fuel and performance KPIs for individual vessels or fleetwide benchmarking, measured and forecasted vessel motions and accelerations, sailed & location and sensor time outs and failures.

Dedicated logins can be made for cargo owners, so they are always up to date on the progress of the voyage/transportation. In case of unfortunate accidents where pre-set motion limitations have been exceeded and damage to cargo has occurred, the Fleet Portal can be used to investigate the related vessel conditions at the time of the accident.


  • Onshore insight in OCTOPUS vessel data (current location/status, voyage plan, sensor readings etc.)
  • Centralized monitoring of individual vessel performance or fleetwide benchmarking
  • Transparency through dedicated logins for (heavy) cargo-owners, leading to an increased comfort level
  • Evaluation of critical events (for instance accidents where maximum allowable motions have been exceeded).
  • Insight in sensor time outs.
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