ABB Ability™ OptimE - Toe Angle Optimization for propulsion

ABB Ability™ OptimE is a fully automated marine software toolset to optimize the toe angle of ABB’s Azipod® Propulsion, leading to energy efficiency and reduced emissions. This software empowers shipowners and ship operators with a smarter utilization of the propulsion power by extending the fuel savings of Azipod® Propulsion, which on its own have saved about 1,000,000 accumulated tons of fuel and is contributing to reduce the maritime carbon footprint.

The OptimE system is based on the finding that further fuel consumption savings can be achieved by dynamically optimizing the toe (steering) angle of the Azipod® units, in addition to the static angle optimization already performed at the vessels’ design stage. The system continuously adjusts the toe angle towards the most optimum inflow depending on the relevant operational and environmental conditions.

Energy efficiency

OptimE helps shipowners utilizing ABB’s Azipod® Propulsion to achieve fuel savings and reduce emissions by automatic Azipod® toe angle optimization.


OptimE contributes to a sustainable operating profile, for both internal and external stakeholders.

Key benefits of OptimE

  • Dynamic toe angle optimization of Azipod® propulsors, leading to fuel savings up to 1,5%.
  • The system works fully automatic, and therefore does not need any specific skillset to operate.
  • Suitable for all vessels that have Azipod® Propulsion, both new builds as well as retrofits.
  • Building on the experience and technical know-how of over three decades of Azipod® Propulsion deliveries.

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