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Azipod® gearless propulsion

The driving force behind safe, efficient and sustainable operations

Azipod® propulsion is a gearless steerable propulsion system where the electric drive motor is in a submerged pod outside the ship hull. Launched in 1990, Azipod® technology marked a new era in ship propulsion. Since then, ABB’s Azipod propulsion system has inspired naval architects to create more efficient and sustainable vessel designs. Azipod units improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent and make ships significantly more maneuverable and simple to operate, as well as save valuable space on board.

Azipod® propulsion and beyond


Azipod® gearless propulsion family

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Let’s forget, for a little while, that Azipod® reigns supreme in maneuverability. It’s something that most of us know. Now, obviously precise maneuverability is important. Being able to dock a ship in nearly impossible weather conditions makes a captain look good but there’s more to it than just the show. Azipod® saves time in entering and leaving port which means there’s no need to run full throttle on the next leg. It also ensures safety for all the passengers. But still this talk about maneuverability has almost become a disadvantage to us because all other great benefits are overlooked.  
There are huge savings in the lifecycle costs through more efficient energy use. There’s extra room in the hull to enable more flexible ship design. And, of course, there’s the proven track record of high availability and overall reliability.
But what really makes Azipod® such a unique family of products is not only the fact that it’s technologically second to none. It’s the commitment which it’s been made and maintained with. This all stems from a simple equation: it’s us at ABB who have developed and built Azipod®. It’s us who will integrate and maintain it. Thus, it is also us who are inherently committed to keep your ship sailing.

Within the Azipod® propulsion family, different propulsion solutions is provided for vessels of different needs. Azipod® propulsion is available for the highest ice classes, to fit the needs of open water operation, and last but not least suitable for high thrust and DP vessels.  

  • Azipod® propulsion has been selected for more than 25 ship types and has more than 16 million operating hours. 
  • ABB has delivered electric propulsion systems to over 80 ice-breaker or ice-going vessels with a propulsion power of up to 45 MW. 
  • Azipod® propulsion system has been ordered for more than 100 cruise vessels.
  • Azipod® systems have accumulated saving over 700,000 tons of fuel and is helping to reduce the maritime carbon dioxide footprint. 

Azipod® propulsors for highest ice classes

Azipod® propulsors for open water

Azipod® propulsors for high thrust and DP vessels




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