Icegoing vessels

We are in a unique position to manufacture total electric power and propulsion solution for icebreaking vessels. All main products in our solutions are produced in-house, which enables us to control and secure complete deliveries, and to simplify lifetime maintenance and service.

Proven technology & reliable partner

Proven propulsion technology securing successful icebreaking operation through 150 icebreaking vessel references with decades of experience

OPEX & total cost of ownership

Azipod® enables DAS concept, providing up to 50% less installed power and lower fuel consumption ensures economically efficient operation throughout vessels lifetime.

Icebreaking & operational efficiency

Azipod® propulsion elevates icebreaking capability and performance to a complete new level. It enables independent ice operation in the harshest environmental conditions with predictable operating schedule, while still minimizing the need of icebreaker assistance.


ABB Azipod® takes marine propulsion to the North Pole and beyond

ABB's Azipod® propulsion system has become an industry standard. KV Svalbard became the first Norwegian vessel to sail to the North Pole, and it was a part of an international scientific expedition led by The Nansen Center. ABB has delivered Azipod® electric propulsion systems to over 90 icebreakers and ice-going vessels. The technology has played a key role in developing ABB's strong position for environmentally friendly electric propulsion. Lower fuel consumption means reduced CO2 emissions, which is vital for the global ferry industry which transports 2.1 billion passengers annually. 

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Designed to withstand all ice loads in a range of combinations

Ice can bring vessels of any size to a halt. 

Azipod® propulsion is ideal for breaking it, using the revolutionary Double Acting principle, which allows the stern to be optimized for icebreaking and the bow optimized for Open Water conditions. 

While ships equipped with conventional rudders are difficult to steer when going astern, the Azipod® propulsor thrust allows a vessel to be steered in any direction against ice and achieve maximum icebreaking efficiency.


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