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Welcome to the 2021 edition of Generations, the annual publication from ABB Marine & Ports featuring business perspectives from a diverse gathering of global thought leaders, and technical insight from ABB’s own experts. 

“Future focus” is this year’s theme, highlighting the two distinct but related opportunities: meeting today’s sustainability goals while preparing to fulfill tomorrow’s ambitions for a zero-emission society. Find out how key stakeholders and leading visionaries are addressing these opportunities, applying the best of existing solutions and the most promising future technologies. 

We trust you will find the outlook as inspiring as we do.


Latest articles


Paving the way to zero-emission cruising

Ambitious Norwegian cruise company Northern Xplorer (NX) aims to make a splash with sustainable cruising for thinking travelers, using eco-friendly ships powered by batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

“For NX, exploring means interacting with local people, the landscape, and culture. As well as delivering a great passenger experience, we also want to make a positive contribution to the local communities we visit,” says Sandvik. “We respect there will always be a market for big vessels, but for those people who want something new, more up close and personal, and that they can feel good about – that’s what we are offering.”

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Breathing new life into an old favorite

Everyone likes to see the old familiar vessels, but without the noise and the smoke from diesel engines.

Lake Maggiore in Italy is one of the most famous and picturesque in the world, and the San Cristoforo ferry has been a highly visible and much loved local fixture for decades. Tinkering with tradition is not taken lightly in this part of the world, but the transformation of San Cristoforo from diesel to hybrid-electric propulsion has been warmly welcomed among residents and tourists alike.

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Deep geothermal energy – red-hot resource for a green planet

Ultra-deep wells tap heat from the earth’s core to meet clean energy needs above ground

Geothermal energy has warmed humans for millennia, with naturally heated water bubbling up through the earth’s crust, collecting in pools and funneled into pipes for use in cooking, heating and bathing. Harnessing this endless bounty of heat to help decarbonize modern society is fully feasible. It simply requires getting closer to the source.

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Stairway to the sun – solar power from space reaching reality

Establishing an outpost in space to capture power from the sun and beam it down to earth? When science fiction author Isaac Azimov first imagined the concept in his 1941 work “Reason”, it was no more than a distant dream. Now an initiative at Caltech, the California Institute of Technology, is poised to make the vision a reality.

“When I was first presented with the idea of solar power from space, I was skeptical,” says Space Solar Power Project Director Dr. Harry Atwater, Howard Hughes Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science at Caltech. “The concept was simply too heavy and too expensive to be realistic. But when we realized that the makings of an ultralight alternative were within reach, I became convinced.”

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