Variable speed shaft generator (PTO/PTI)

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Using the energy efficient main engine to generate electrical power (PTO), the system can boost the main propulsion shaft (PTI), and also provide Power take home (PTH) for an extra layer of redundancy. In addition, the system offers the opportunity to connect energy storage, shore to ship power and other new energy sources and functionalities to the power and propulsion plant.

Comply with regulations

Add new functionalities and energy sources to the power plant, such as energy storage and shore connection, for a future proof vessel.


Optimise the power plant with smaller or fewer auxiliary engines, and the option of lower maximum engine design power without lowering maximum vessel speed.

Faster payback time

The highly efficient system enables faster payback time by reducing fuel consumption.




Learn more about how the Variable Speed Shaft Generator (PTO/PTI) works

ABB slow speed shaft generator solutions are for low and medium voltage systems, covering powers up to 6 MW and more. The same unit can be used as a generator (PTO), booster motor (PTI) or alternative propulsion system (PTH).

Watch our video to find out how ABB shaft generators are designed to ensure that assembly and installation are fast and easy. Based on our extensive experience in supplying equipment for marine applications, the generators are optimized to meet the needs of the individual vessel.





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