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Shore Connection enabling sustainable port calls


Increase the sustainability of your vessel or fleet by connecting to shore power in ports around the world.


Comply to global regulations by connecting to shore power with ABB quality technology.


With ABB turnkey solution you get a reliable partner from easy installation throughout simple and safe operations.


Shaping a sustainable world with onboard installed shore connection and shore side power

With electrical concept, there is a new design challenge. Ships' operational concept and ships' energy concept are no longer irrelevant for each other.

A century long tradition of bunkering without commitment - to certain location or supplier - will transform. In case emission-free areas will become a standard, the transformation will lead into an electrical charging.
Reasons for connecting the vessel onto the external energy source do vary. Three main purposes for establishing this link are Shore Connection, Shore Charging and Enhanced Shore Power:

1. Harbour area emission reduction. Typical approach is to plug on shore power during the stay i.e. Shore connection.

2. On-board energy storage charging i.e. Shore Charging. Usually for emission-free operations.

3. Energy costs (operational expenses) overall reduction by optimizing the energy price with Enhanced Shore Supply.

Some may consider that it is finally the time to happen so, but the infra-structure in many cities is far from being ready. Sailors thought that the electrical revolution will take place onboard, but it is happening on the ports and on infra around us too. World is changing, and this makes the change possible for ships and maritime industry as well.

Read more from the "Shore Connection - Shaping a sustainable world" - brochure.


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