Shore connection is decarbonizing port calls


ABB’s high competence in electrical safety and safety standards are in place globally.


ABB delivers shore connection and charging solutions for different vessel types enabling fully electric operations to support decarbonization targets.


Cutting the local emissions in ports where ships can connect to shore power and even charge batteries for electric ship operations, with equipment that has the strictest regulatory compliance.


ABB delivers standardized quality systems, serving operations 24/7 with technical support and remote diagnostics.


ABB to lead turnkey project for largest shore-to-ship solution in France

ABB is providing shore-to-ship power connection for ferries and cruise ships in Port of Toulon, cutting emissions and noise during port stays. Port of Toulon, which handles over 1.6 million ferry and cruise passengers annually, has committed to ABB Shore Connection technology which will eliminate more than 80 percent of pollutant emissions and save 9,000 hours of vessels running on diesel annually. ABB is leading the consortium selected to manage and execute this turnkey project, with commissioning due in 2023. 

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Available technology for onshore and onboard

How the port city of Marseille is cutting ships' emissions

With some 10,000 ships visiting Marseille every year, this is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. And with all those ships needing power while in port, air and noise pollution has been a challenge for city authorities. But now a new technology from ABB is helping cut those port emissions…to nothing.

Learn more in this interview with representatives from the local port authorities, one ship operator and our local expertise in France regarding the shore connection in the port of Marseille.

More about Shore Connection

Pollution in cities surrounding busy harbors is largely due to vessels docking to ports. With the ability to connect to shore power the emissions could be cut significantly.

Passenger vessels with the need to keep the hotel load in use throughout the 'port call' are contributing on a high level to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in cities around the world.

Find out more about shore connection solutions in this brochure.


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