Energy storage systems

ABB’s Energy storage system is a modular battery power supply developed for marine use. It is applicable to high and low voltage, AC and DC power systems, and can be combined with a variety of energy sources such as diesel or gas engines and fuel cells. The system can be integrated as an all-electric or a hybrid power system.

Benefit from increased safety, flexibility and efficiency by installing energy storage onboard.

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Reliable operations

Reliable redundant system designed to fit your vessel’s operational need. It is easy to use safely and efficiently, whether you need peak power, running power or emergency power backup. 

Zero emission mode

Allows easily switching to zero-emission mode for operation and port stays in environmentally sensitive (restricted) areas, making the vessel ready also for stricter emission regulations in the future.

Meet charter requirements

Meet contract requirements for higher power plant availability, lower emissions and fuel consumption, making the vessel more competitive and attractive to a larger customer base.


Choice of batteries

It is important to choose the right battery chemistry, cell and system for the right application, and with ABB's high competence in battery technology, we help you choose the right technology for your operation.

Inhouse battery modelling and cell validation tests enable us to size the battery according to your needs, maximising your ROI and reducing operational costs.  



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