Wind of Change

A highly safe and efficient wind farm vessel with hybrid power system onboard.

Photo credit: CEMRE/LDA

ABB will optimize the safety and environmental credentials of a new Louis Dreyfus Armateurs wind farm Service Operation Vessel (SOV) by installing Onboard DC Grid™ power distribution to enable the cost-efficient integration of batteries.

As an integral part of the power system, the Power and Energy Management System (PEMS) will ensure safe and efficient operation of the vessel. The hybrid system enables lean operation with fewer running generators without compromising on safety, meaning less maintenance and better fuel consumption over the long-term.

The Onboard DC Grid™ will integrate two sets of batteries used primarily for spinning reserve and peak shaving. Power peaks during operation can be covered by the battery rather than starting another engine. Again, battery power can act as backup for running generators, reducing the need to run spare generator capacity. In addition to ship efficiency gains, the mode of operation has long-term benefits for ship engines, as it increases efficiency through higher engine load and reduces running hours overall.

The Onboard DC Grid™ has been installed on a wide range of vessels including ferries, OSVs and a cable layer.

Main data

Vessel name: Wind of Change 
Vessel type: Wind farm service operation vessel
Owner: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs
Yard: CEMRE Shipyard 
Year of delivery: 2018
ABB solutions and scope of supply:

Onboard DC Grid™
PEMS control system

Main benefits:

High environmental standards and efficiency



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