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Containerized maritime energy storage solution


ABB offers a turnkey hybrid power solution which improves power plant safety and availability. The solution reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, reduces noise and engine maintenance, and improves crew comfort.


Complete battery storage systems for both retrofit and newbuilt vessels

What is a containerized energy storage solution?

ABB’s containerized energy storage solutionmis a complete, self-contained battery solution for a large-scale marine energy storage. The batteries and all control, interface, and auxiliary equipment are delivered in a single shipping container for simple installation on board any vessel.

The standard delivery includes batteries, power converters for shore connection and connection to the ship’s power system, Energy Storage Control System, cooling and ventilation, and fire protection. The solution is ideal for both retrofit and new build applications.


How does it work?

The maritime energy storage system stores energy when demand is low, and delivers it back when demand increases, enhancing the performance of the vessel’s power plant. The flow of energy is controlled by ABB’s dynamic Energy Storage Control System. It enables several new modes of power plant operation which improve responsiveness, reliability, safety, and fuel consumption. The system also provides a shore connection with frequency conversion, allowing the vessel to connect to 50 or 60 Hz shore power.

What are the benefits?

Peak Shaving
Level power seen by engines and offset need to start new engines. Benefits include reduced fuel consumption and engine maintenance.

Enhanced dynamic performance 
Instant power in support of running engines. Benefits include reduced fuel consumption and enabler for “slower” sources like LNG and fuel cells.

Spinning reserve 
Backup power to running generators. Benefits include improved safety and reduced fuel consumption and engine maintenance.

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ABB Ability™ for marine industry

ABB Ability™ is our unified, cross-industry digital capability. ABB Ability™ provides the services and solutions that integrate systems on land, sea and air. From collaborative operations to remote monitoring, motion forecasting and energy management, ABB Ability™ enables vessel operators to know more, do more, and do better, together.

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