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AC power generation and distribution solutions is used onboard assets ranging from low to high power requirements, for for instance navy, cruise, drilling, offshore and LNG vessels. ABB has extensive AC solution experience and expertise, including our own inhouse system designers. 

ABB’s large and flexible product portfolio enables the right fit solution for your vessel, implementing the latest technologies in protection and control, such as closed bus operation. 

Our Remote diagnostic system is built in, allowing condition monitoring, preventive maintenance and 24/7 remote support. 

Seabourn Venture. Image courtesy of Seabourn.


Safe to operate

The system is safe to use and has built in safety features, such as ARC protection and interlocks against unintended use. It has been thoroughly tested also for off-chance faults, minimizing any potential personell and equipment damage.

Low investment cost

Our AC systems are designed using high quality off-the-shelf parts, configured to fit your vessel’s needs.

Over 99% uptime

In addition to the highly reliable system design, we offer live short circuit testing, for extra confidence in the resilience of the system, ensuring consistent power supply to the onboard consumers.


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