Dynamic AC (DAC)

Variable speed power generation can provide up to 6 % annual fuel savings with diesel electric propulsion, when the operational profile of the vessel has a lot of variation in speed and power demand.

The Dynamic AC (DAC) concept by ABB enables to optimize the total fuel consumption in the vessel by adjusting the rotational speed of the diesel generating sets and allowing the system frequency to vary within the specified range. Integration with the power management and advisory systems assures high level of optimization and provides tools for continuous improvement during the whole life cycle of the vessel.

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ABB´s new Dynamic AC (DAC) concept: Meet the experts

Dynamic AC effectively adjusts the speed of the engine to optimize fuel consumption, enhances savings by 46% and increases system reliability. Over the next 10 years, DAC can save millions of tons of fuel and billions of dollars. It also reduces swearing and daring for the engines which limits maintenance, and the DAC reduces the noise level on board. 

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More about the technology

In the Dynamic AC (DAC) concept, the electrical system is similar to a conventional AC system but designed to operate at variable frequency. The main engine speed can be adjusted and the electrical system operates at a frequency proportional to the engine speed. 

Benefits of Dynamic AC
  • Simple configuration with products designed for marine industry
  • Full integration with automation and advisory systems, achieving best energy efficiency over the lifetime
  • 24/7 worldwide marine dedicated service network
ABB integrated solutions

Dynamic AC is a platform for energy efficiency that can be integrated with other solutions, such as

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
  • Integrated Marine Automation
  • ABB´s software and analytics
  • Azipod® propulsion

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