Maritime is electrifying

Maritime is electrifying

As the global population grows, so do the demands placed upon the maritime industry. Increased operations mean increased emissions, and every minute travelled over distance and every minute staying at port has a cost.  ABB helps save fuel, emissions, and ultimately costs every mile and minute. This is how we lead decarbonization on the sea. 

Electrification is a key solution for lowering carbon emissions. Electric propulsion future proofs vessels, and, combined with batteries and fuel cells, can already bring some vessel types to net-zero. As part of the maritime industry, we are committed to striving for net zero by 2050 as set out by the IMO. We believe every vessel can be decarbonized.

Overcome uncertainty with electrification

Uncertainty around the availability and cost of alternative future energy modes is possibly the biggest challenge for companies looking to decarbonize.

To do so, every industry and corner of society must pull in the same direction - maritime is no different. We cannot wait for fully electrified infrastructure or other industries to fully transition to renewables or wait for breakthroughs in novel energy sources, such as hydrogen, biofuel, and methanol production. Investment and innovation in these areas are welcome but maritime - similar to any carbon intensive industry - cannot rely on others before we take action ourselves.

CO2e calculator: The proof is in the numbers

Find out how much CO2e emissions you could reduce on your vessel by applying ABB's technology. Fill in the main operational details of your vessel. The calculator will estimate how much CO2e emissions you can expect to reduce.

Electrifying various maritime segments

Decarbonizing is possible for vessels of any size or any application. We are determined to help marine operators electrify their fleets to reach net zero by 2050. Find out more about our approach to tried and tested solutions for various maritime vessel types.

Decarbonizing maritime

The electrification of the maritime industry is an all-encompassing endeavor, from the port to the sea.

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