The greatest footprint we can leave behind is a smaller one

To reach the International Maritime Organization’s goal of halving the green-house gas emissions from ships by 2050, owners, operators, yards, and technology providers need to pull together to make a comprehensive and proactive response. The focus on avoiding emissions along with the will to invest is in place.

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As an example, the EU has committed 530 MEURs for its Waterborne Transport Partnership from 2021-2027. In addition, the European Marine Industry has agreed to investments worth 3,3 BEUR. All with the goal of developing and implementing decarbonizing solutions for ocean and river transport in the EU.

ABB’s role as a technology provider is to partner with owners, operators, and yards to help select the right technologies for their vessels and operations, and help build ships that both lower emissions now, but also keep the options open for further emission avoidance in the future. Together, we can make sure that we leave a smaller footprint behind.

For ocean going vessels the range of applicable technologies is not clear-cut yet, but alternative fuels and emission avoidance actions are developing fast. For coastal and river-going vessels operating on shorter routes, there are mature decarbonizing technologies in place, such as DC grid power, energy storage and shore connections.

Local transport leading the way

A prime target for electrification is ferries. They are important to logistics, economies, societies, and tourism, but are quite polluting when running on fossil fuels. Some fossil fueled fast ferries can emit as much CO2 as airplanes. As ferries often operate close to shore and on short routes, they are ideal for hybrid and fully electric power.

Here we present some of ABB Marine & Ports’ projects that are making a tangible positive impact on the local communities where they operate, contributing to lowering the emission levels from the marine industry overall:

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Corsica Linea avoiding emissions whilst at Port of Marseille

Watch the video of how Corsica Linea is avoiding emissions with shore connection when calling at the Port of Marseille.

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Marine industry – the backbone of world economy

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