Turbocharging – powering engines for over a century

The internal combustion engine has supported society for many years and in many ways. Powered by a liquid, this machine can speed you down a highway, propel your ship across an ocean, and push your train up over a mountain pass.

Yet, it's always possible to build an internal combustion engine that will go faster, use less fuel, or use even carbon-neutral fuels. One way to get a LOT more out of an engine is to turbocharge it. Put simply, a turbocharger, colloquially known as a turbo, uses fans to force extra air and fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber. The resulting improvement in engine efficiency and power output that a turbo achieves by doing this is remarkable

Turbochargers have been around for over a century. Let's take a closer look at this fascinating technology. Watch the video below!


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History of the internal combustion engine

Turbochargers make a massive difference when it comes to internal combustion engines, increasing efficiency AND boosting power output, but how did the internal combustion engine itself come to be? There’s a lot to discover, so join us each week for our new series, as we take an exciting journey through the history of the internal combustion engine.