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ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO for two-stroke turbocharging

Reliability and cost savings with predictive maintenance

ABB Turbocharging has advanced its SIKO (German Sicherheitskonzept) Safety Concept with ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO, providing peace of mind and lifecycle cost savings with predictive maintenance.

Applying slow steaming to offset high fuel costs and safety as a priority, optimizing operational ex-penses (OPEX) and maximizing turbocharger reliability are essential for merchant marine operators and vessel owners. And with a commitment to assuring reliability, safety, efficiency and connectivity in operations, ABB Turbocharging is simply enabling more with digital solutions for merchant marine customers. Existing effective solutions have been refined to maximise uptime and lower operational costs over the lifetime of a fleet. One such solution is ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO, which builds on ABB’s SIKO Safety Concept.

ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO and traditional SIKO

SIKO goes beyond fixed exchange intervals in offering individualized maintenance recommendations, achieving optimal OPEX and delivering substantive cost savings for merchant marine customers. Like the traditional SIKO, which is still available, ABB Ability™ Digital SIKO ensures the reliability and safety of ABB turbochargers.

A commitment to understanding and serving customers has led to the development of this digital solution. The SIKO concept makes turbocharger lifecycle costs more predictable. SIKO is a calculation method for determining the speed and temperature limits of rotor components for given exchange intervals. This is valuable because rotor components are subject to extremely high loading under op-erating conditions, and failure of a rotor component caused by creep or fatigue can adversely impact the crew’s safety and turbocharger performance, causing costly downtime.

Did you know?

With Digital SIKO, actual turbocharger operational data is taken from an ABB monitoring system after secure data handling. Data is processed with ABB’s proven methodology, with aligned, accurate advice delivered through a connected process that assures data security.

Next-level predictive maintenance

Digital SIKO provides a paradigm shift towards predictive maintenance. By following an exposure-based approach that considers the real conditions under which the rotor is operating, Digital SIKO offers operators and owners a unique level of reliability and lifecycle costs management. This is backed by ABB Turbocharging’s reputation for quality in product and service excellence as an OEM with over 125 years of experience.

Quality, convenience and connectivity

As an OEM, ABB Turbocharging offers quality, convenience and connectivity with service and digital solutions. Digital SIKO is part of ABB’s digital marine offering under ABB Ability™. A successfully con-ducted Digital SIKO will eventually lead to a Certificate of Warranty, which is issued for safe operations from dry dock to dry dock with respect to creep and fatigue. This guarantees peace of mind for cus-tomers, as does ABB’s 24/7 support from experienced service engineers, and results in optimal OPEX and maximum turbocharger reliability.