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Turbo UptimeCare

Maximize installations uptime with quick equipment swap during maintenance period

The Turbo UptimeCare service agreement provides customers owning high speed engines with a service agreement that prioritizes asset availability via the complete swap of the turbocharger in order to get your asset up and running again with minimal delay.

This agreement comprises of three modules:

The «Availability Module»  is the basis of the agreement that provides customers with access to a local pool of turbochargers, maintained by ABB, where customers can order an exchange unit for planned maintenance or on an express basis in case of emergencies thus ensuring uptime of the assets.

The «Overhaul module» defines the scope of service to be carried out on the removed unit and customers will be charged based on this pre-defined scope. Upon contract signing, customer can thus choose from three different overhaul scopes depending on their cost predictability preference.

Optionally, if customers require performance improvements, an upgraded turbocharger can be requested to be delivered as the exchange unit instead of the standard one.

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The process

On signing up to the service agreement, customers and ABB define the fleet list to be covered by the Turbo UptimeCare service agreement as well as the overhaul module scope that best fits the customers operational needs.

Prior to a service event

  • Customer informs ABB of need for an exchange unit and desired date of delivery

  • Exchange unit delivered to site prior to the planned service or within 48 hours in emergency cases

  • The removed turbocharger is taken back to the ABB service center for overhaul

  • Turbocharger overhauled according to pre-defined scope based on the overhaul scope selected in the contract and customer is charged according to this pre-defined scope

  • Overhauled turbocharger is ready for next overhaul and placed into the ABB pool

Your benefits at a glance


  • ABB exchange unit taken from pool and delivered to site ahead of service activity

  • No investment in exchange units as pool management and investment is by ABB

Predictable cost

  • Customers can choose between three different overhaul scopes to fit their required OPEX requirements

  • Defined overhaul scopes are:  Condition based (with higher cost variability), Standard and Fixed Price (no cost variability)


  • All overhauled Turbochargers put back into the pool are fully ABB service compliant

  • Delivered exchange unit good-to-go for next service interval

Performance improvement

  • Possible upgrade of Turbochargers at the time of overhaul

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