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Dedicated turbocharger designed and optimized for marine auxiliary engines

First dedicated turbocharger from ABB Turbocharging designed specifically for small bore medium-speed marine auxiliary diesel engine platforms with up to 2MW power output.

MXP is a dedicated turbocharger with a simplified design, offering great value to engine builders and operators of marine auxiliary engines with a power output of up to 2MW.

Dedicated turbocharger

First dedicated turbocharger from ABB Turbocharging designed in a development cooperation with IHI specifically for small bore medium-speed marine auxiliary diesel engine platforms with up to 2 MW power output.

MXP has been designed to fulfill the specific needs of the marine auxiliary market in terms of operation, efficiency and maintenance. The dedicated technology enables optimum operation and performance for auxiliary engine applications. In addition, the dedicated marine auxiliary turbocharger has with fewer parts, thus simplifying its maintenance.

Optimized design

MXP provides high performance turbocharging in part load conditions to meet requirements for the actual auxiliary engine operation range. Also optimized for excellent load response behavior, MXP delivers high efficiency at part load with no additional air assistance equipment required.

The simplified, yet robust design enables trouble-free operation under HFO conditions. ‘Designed for service’ it allows for condition-based maintenance (CBM), contributing to lower operational expenditure.

Designed for service

MXP's robust and yet simplistic design allows for easy maintenance, based on a self-service condition-based maintenance (CBM) model, which translates into lower maintenance costs for the end customer.

Essential to the customer-centric design is the user-friendly maintenance concept of MXP that is supported with a digital self-service application, giving crew members the flexibility to independently maintain the turbocharger wherever and whenever necessary, using standard tools while the vessel is operational.

Customer benefits of MXP

  • Optimized load response behavior
  • Robust design for heavy fuel oil (HFO) capability
  • IMO II compliance, without any additional measures
  • Designed for easy service and operation
  • Easy maintenance by crew, using standard tools
  • Self-service condition-based maintenance using an intuitive digital application
  • Easily troubleshoot issues with intuitive digital application
  • Seamless spare parts order request via the MXP digital service support application
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