Fischer & Porter

The Fischer & Porter Company, founded in 1937, has long been a leader in the design and manufacture of process instrumentation. The Fischer and Porter brand was associated with an industry-leading range of flow measurement products, along with devices to measure, indicate, and control other process variables including pressure, temperature, level, and more.
      In 1994, Fischer & Porter was acquired by Elsag Bailey Process Automation (EBPA), a strategic union that recognized Elsag Bailey's primary strengths in the distributed systems area and Fischer & Porter's expertise in process instrumentation. With the 1999 acquisition of Elsag Bailey by ABB, these products became a cornerstone of a larger portfolio of process instrumentation and control.
     Today, Fischer & Porter products are fully integrated into the ABB portfolio of world class process instrumentation products including magnetic flow meters, and other flow measurement technologies including variable area, vortex shedding, and mass flow. Market leading systems for dosing and filling are also available.

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