Strömberg was established in Finland in 1889. Offerings included electromechanical products such as generators, electric motors and even small power plants.The founder of the company, Gottfrid Strömberg, became the first person in the country to conduct academic research and teaching in electrotechnology while acquiring the highest university level knowledge in Berlin and Hanover, Germany.
        Product development was Strömberg's preferred activity from the very beginning. It intensified in the 1960’s when some 10 percent of Strömberg's employees were working in product development and technology research. Strömberg had been early in applying modern electronics to its products, especially motors, electric drives and protective relays. The first frequency converter based drive was installed as early as 1973. The first microprocessor-based relay was developed in 1982.
        The passion to remain an entrepreneurial company based on the belief that the key to success in all circumstances would be product and quality excellence has been a cornerstone over the years. Building international networks was also an early key competence in Strömberg. Since 1988, ABB has offered this sustained knowledge in automation and power technology.