ATV investments

Founded in 2009, ATV has since invested into over 30 startup companies and seven venture capital funds. Next to traditional VC support, ATV offers its partners access to a deep R&D bench, domain expertise, global customer and channel access, market knowledge and more than four decades experience producing some of the most precise, rugged and functional hardware on the planet as well as being at the forefront in digitally connected and enabled industrial equipment and systems. From the outset of working with potential investments, ATV acts as a bridge between the startup and the key ABB players partnering with ATV.

"As the VC arm of ABB, the company that invented the electrical industrial robot, their expertise and knowledge of the market makes them an excellent partner and advisor." – Carl Vause, CEO of Soft Robotics Inc

Current investments

Positive Exits

Fund investments

"ABB has long embraced open innovation and our fund investments are an important pillar to support our efforts in partnering with startups by giving us access to the funds opportunities and tapping into the team’s expertise." – Grant Allen, Head of Ventures, ATV