System 800xA Operator Effectiveness

Many companies are realizing that improved operator effectiveness is a key success factor for their business. System 800xA enables the control room environment to give the operator all that is needed. Productivity, efficiency and a more attractive workplace are key factors of 800xA.

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Design solutions centered around human factors
Control Room Design

Personalize your control room design together with us and put your operator in focus.

Fully scalable true-vector graphics
Process graphics design

System 800xA features a new enhanced process graphics package.

Exceptional KPI display
Collaboration Table

55-inch touchscreen table for presenting information directly from your System 800xA.

Live Videofeed

Video surveillance

Operator Effectiveness

Human factors in focus
The operators’ ability to supervise and control processes in the most efficient, safe and profitable way.

Operator decisions have a great impact on safety, productivity and quality. Not only technical features are essential for System 800xA, but also enhancing the human roll behind the machine. Effectiveness is characterized by creating an ideal working environment with all essential functions at the operator's fingertips.

How does it work?

Collaboration enabler
Integrated operations guarantee for highest productivity.

PLCs, DCS, safety systems, electrical systems, live video, maintenance systems, ERPs and more all work together in one seamless environment in System 800xA - fully integrated. The result is improved plant visibility and fast access to relevant information in real time. Our solutions save control room floor space using modular design and integrating information into one operator environment.

What's next?

Enhancing control room design even further
Together we design the control rooms of the future.

ABB gets people and systems collaborating more efficiently by designing control centers, control rooms and workplaces with a focus on human factors and communication, and how that results in better productivity. Attracting new-generation operators with an integrative, safe and effective environment that provides an intuitive handling of actions is one of our outlooks.

What can ABB's control room solutions do for you?

Examples: Operator Effectiveness in System 800xA v6

Do you want to reduce space?
Our solutions can save one third or more on control room floor space
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