Distributed Control Systems

Distributed Control Systems

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ABB Distributed Control Systems(DCS)

As the heart of plant-level digitalization, ABB's Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed to transform your multi-faceted, 24/7 process operations. Our market-leading control architecture constantly monitors and drives plant productivity, maximizing asset utilization, process efficiency and production quality. A focus on availability, safety and cyber security ensures the protection of your people, assets and equipment. And by maintaining tight controls over raw material consumption, plant energy levels and waste by-products, ABB DCS solutions help to significantly reduce environmental impact.




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ABB DCS – Transforming industries

Energy and water. Medicines and chemicals. Metals and cement. Paper and plastics. Today’s energy and process industries bring us many of the fundamentals of modern living — but only when supported by trusted automation technologies. As the heart of automation control, ABB’s DCS solutions monitor and manage every aspect of plant operations 24/7, helping our customers ensure the safety of people and equipment, the quality and efficiency of production, and a reduced environmental impact.

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Distributed Control Systems in numbers




22 years

Consecutive years ABB has led the
global distributed control systems
(DCS) market.

35 000

ABB distributed control systems
(DCS) installed - across more than
100 countries.

100 000

Workstations connected to ABB
distributed control systems (DCS)

100 000 000

Input/output points connected to
ABB distributed control systems
(DCS) at customer sites worldwide.


No.1 market leader in DCS


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