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ABB Life Sciences Solutions

Let’s build the plant of the future. Together.

For ABB, an end-to-end partnership means expert support, even at the earliest stage of your project. Our longstanding global expertise in automation and digitalization means we help you streamline your plant development by working with your team.

Build the plant of the future, faster, with ABB Life Sciences Solutions. ABB’s modular solutions and expertise give you the flexibility to react to tomorrow’s challenges. We help you automate and future-proof your production to reduce time to market while maintaining compliance with increasingly robust regulations.

Ready to build the Life Sciences plant of the future, faster?

The Life Sciences plant of the future starts with an end-to-end solution.

Maximizing profitability while maintaining compliance with increasingly robust regulations is putting heightened pressure on life science companies to re-imagine what their plants look like. Forward-thinking companies are looking to build new plants that ensure safe and sustainable operations that are future-proofed against market pressures.

ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of integrated automation, digital, and electrical solutions designed to assist life science companies in minimizing time to market, enhancing operational efficiency, and facilitating faster, more intelligent decision-making.

Reduce time to market.

Accelerating speed to market while navigating complex compliance and industry regulations requires a new and integrated approach.

ABB leverages a modular automation path that advances life science companies towards more flexible and service-oriented plug-and-produce automation solutions. These solutions facilitate rapid process implementation, enhance scalability by adjusting production capacity up or down, and improve the efficiency and speed of product modifications.

Coupled with our ABB Adaptive Execution™ methodology, ABB integrates expert teams, new technologies, agile processes, shared learnings, and proven methodologies into a more evolved end-to-end solution.

We help you minimize risk while delivering significant cost and schedule reductions on your capital projects.

Improve operational efficiency

Optimizing operational costs while maximizing performance reliability is critical to increasing operational efficiency.

Leveraging an integrated portfolio, ABB brings the key elements of your plant together to help enable safe, digitized processes that drive operational efficiency and provide greater control over your batch processes.

Connect to faster, smarter decision-making

Our end-to-end portfolio helps your plant make faster, smarter decisions throughout your operations including ensuring critical environments are operating effectively. From cyber security to asset performance management, from process performance to digital twins and connected worker solutions, ABB helps you achieve operational reliability and innovation, compress delivery schedules, increase protection against growing cyber threats, and minimize energy costs.

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