Asset Performance Management (APM) solution monitors and optimizes the performance, reliability, and efficiency of industrial assets, such as equipment, machinery, and systems, to minimize downtime due to machine failure and achieve operational excellence. By leveraging advanced analytics and predictive algorithms, APM can provide insights into asset health, identify potential issues or failures, and even recommend proactive measures to avert unplanned downtime thereby establishing a reliability culture.

The purpose of APM is to ensure that industrial assets operate at their optimum performance and productivity levels while minimizing operational risks and maintenance costs. By effectively managing asset performance, manufacturing industries can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increase production output, extend asset life, improve energy efficiency and enhance safety and sustainability standards.

If you are looking to digitalize and future-proof asset performance management (APM) :

  • Start monitoring the health of your assets to prioritize maintenance based on data
  • Capture and codify experts' knowledge to increase outcomes from the predictive maintenance
  • Adopt an advanced, cross-functional APM program to continuously improve practices
  • Find opportunities for optimum investment planning
With Genix APM, you will gain a holistic view, tactical and strategic foresight across specific equipment types, process areas, plant and enterprise, tightening control over disparate assets, systems and workflows. This will empower various functions to collaborate and continuously optimize your overall performance because they will discover the previously hidden inter-dependencies.

A new suite for Asset Performance Management



Digitalizing asset management in the context of the whole organization's optimization means:

Early detection of faults and energy waste, prevention of downtime

Minimized exposure to hazards, simplified knowledge transfer

Optimal asset performance ensuring quality, quantity, consistent output

Profitability, no unnecessary service or replacement of healthy equipment


  • What is happening?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What is likely to happen?


  • What should operations, engineering, maintenance, reliability, planning, safety personnel do about it?
  • When should the prescribed remedial action be taken to avoid asset failure, extend the asset life and avoid unscheduled downtime?


  • How to maximize the asset utilization for productivity, safety, quality, efficiency and cost optimization in maintenance interventions, short- and long-term planning, and predictive maintenance?


  • How can I avoid manual intervention?
  • Stop major failures before they ever come close to happening?
  • Support an autonomous business?

Examples of available models to start with

Based on your assets' criticality level, the percentage that are already instrumented, and known bad actors. The number of pre-built models is constantly growing, together with the new impactful predictive analytics use cases for every industry
Instruments & Devices
Heat Exchanger
Fired heater
Pressure safety valve
Pressure vessel
Storage tank

Centrifugal   pump
Rotary pump
Gear box
Radial blower
Roller bearings
Mounted bearings
Turbine - gas
Turbine - steam

Electric generator
Circuit breaker

Control system
Control valve
On-off valve
(pressure, temp, flow)

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