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Digital mining services can collect, analyze your mining asset and operational data, provide remote expert support to identify, categorize and prioritize actions.

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Any equipment failure can seriously affect your mine and mineral processing plant's productivity and profitability. To ensure that your investment is protected and to optimize mining asset performance, ABB has developed collaborative digital mining services to enhance equipment day-to-day efficiency, ensure plant performance on highest level and provide easy access to expert guidance whenever and wherever required.

Remote Assistance enables a secure connection between ABB and the customer in order to provide real time guidance through remote access and augmented reality.

Predictive Maintenance enables us to deliver a plant where the equipment alerts you through intelligent cloud-based data analytics when it needs to be serviced.

Performance Optimization services are designed to increase your productivity and keep it on the highest level through remote monitoring of KPIs to guarantee that process optimization is running at target level.

Cyber security services allow to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from cyber threats.

ABB has an extensive network of service centers and Collaborative Operations Centers  all over the world to support your local facilities by connecting our specialists with your teams and equipment on site in real time.

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