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Our vision and purpose for mining

From cellphones, electric vehicles, batteries, wind farms…virtually every aspect of modern life relies on the ores mined from the earth. But there must be a transformation. The need for sustainable, safe and productive mining has never been greater in order to fulfill the increased demand for minerals.

Combining our advanced portfolio of electrification, automation, and digital technologies with over 130 years of experience in the mining industry, ABB is at the forefront of this transformation journey with our holistic framework eMine™. But no single company can realize this vision alone. We believe that by working together we can build the electric, connected and autonomous mine of the future and create sustainable progress for the mining industry, as well as the world beyond it. 

For your world. And mine.




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Decarbonization of mining: a realistic way forward

At ABB, we care as much about the health, safety and well-being of our planet as we do the people who inhabit it. We envision a CO₂-free and energy-efficient mine to help combat climate change, creating sustainable progress for today and future generations.

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From mines to our lives

Technologies that take us forward, from smartphones to solar panels, are built with minerals mined from the earth. Mining provides the world with materials which are building blocks for modern life. 

But to keep moving, we must make mining safe and sustainable. ABB eMine™ integrated electrification and automation solutions help give what is needed for the society, sustainably.




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Mining value chain: time to rethink the future?

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