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ABB in mining and mineral processing industry

Creating value and visibility - from mine to port and from plant to enterprise

We start with the best people, engineering expertise and over a century of knowledge and know-how of electrification and process control in mines. Our team then provides integrated solutions and services. We help mining companies optimize their power and productivity, increase availability and lower lifetime investment costs. Together, we are building the future of mining, transforming the way mines operate, creating a digitally enabled environment that is safe, clean and sustainable, with a workforce carrying out exciting, stimulating tasks.


The future of mining

Digital transformation in mining 

What is ABB Ability™ MineOptimize?

Mine management

Cyber security

Collaborative operations

Total mining performance from mine to market

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Sept. 22-26


SAG Conference 2019

ABB in Mining

ABB in Mining @ABB_Mining

NEW VIDEO: Since man landed on the Moon in 1969, gearless mill drives have been successfully operating all over the…

ABB in Mining

ABB in Mining @ABB_Mining

An innovative solution that incorporates #ArtificialIntelligence / advanced data analysis for decision support syst…

ABB in Mining

ABB in Mining @ABB_Mining

#ABB_Ability lets you take a look into the past, consider real-time data in the present and assess the future. One…

ABB in Mining

ABB in Mining @ABB_Mining

"Moving towards a partnership where the contractor, the supply side and the buyer side are working in an integrated…

ABB in Mining

ABB in Mining @ABB_Mining

Effective #minedesign planning is imperative when it comes to major projects in capitally-constrained…

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