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In 1937, the patent for electromagnetic stirring (EMS) in electric arc furnace was granted to ASEA, who later merged with BBC to form ABB, in Sweden. Today, the technology plays a vital role in reducing consumption of energy and other resources for some of the largest furnaces and broadest continuous casters across the globe.

ABB is a leading supplier to steel and aluminium industries, offering the world’s most comprehensive range of electromagnetic stirring and braking technologies (EMS). Its proven deliver improved metallurgical performance in electric arc, ladle and aluminium furnaces, and thick, thin slab and billet and bloom casting processes.  Drawing on 75+ years of innovation and insights from 1800+ installations globally, ABB’s metallurgical experts collaborate with metals producers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other industry partners to develop products that increase process efficiency and end-product quality while contributing to safer and more sustainable metals manufacturing. 

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