Electromagnetic stirring for aluminium furnaces

ABB’s AL-EMS makes a significant contribution to improving cost and energy efficiency by enhancing productivity and quality for aluminium melting, holding and refining operations

With 400 systems installed worldwide, ABB is by far the most experienced supplier of electromagnetic stirrers for aluminium, also known as furnace circulation solutions.  Our comprehensive product range includes both air and liquid-cooled and side and bottom-mounted stirrers catering for all furnace types including melting, holding, chamber and mixing/alloying.

Our stirrers are proven to effectively mix the entire melt for furnaces with capacities of up to and in excess of 200 tons. Utilizing our long-term experience and expertise we continually improve our products to provide the solution best suited to your needs, and ensure that our equipment is not only professionally installed, but delivers maximum process improvements for your business. With the ABB AL-EMS you can expect to improve furnace productivity by up to 25%, reduce dross generation by up to 15% and benefit from up to 10% lower electrical energy consumption. 

Optional control program a simple, cost-effective way of maximizing AL-EMS performance and unlocking even higher levels of furnace efficiency

AL-EMS Control offers a fully automated stirring profile aimed at further optimizing performance of ABB’s electromagnetic stirrer for aluminium furnace and improving overall efficiency in the furnace process. This optional program, which utilizes a range of input signals from the furnace itself, is integrated into a PLC module with an HMI and provides a flexible interface where AL-EMS control parameters such as start criteria, temperature, stirring interval and/or direction can be adapted to achieve an optimal stirring profile. This allows manufacturers to unlock a higher level of process improvement including further reductions in electrical energy and gas consumption, greater repeatability as well as increasing safety due to less human intervention.  What’s more AL-EMS Control is a simple and cost-effective way of increasing return on investment for your AL-EMS.

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