Metallurgical analyzers and expertise

Market-leader in liquid aluminum quality solutions

For over five decades, ABB has led in inclusions and hydrogen measurements for aluminum quality. Utilize our analyzers for diagnostics, strategic process improvements, and achieving optimal quality with cost optimization while maximizing the use of secondary material to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Analytical Excellence 

  • Explore our range of analyzers designed for precise insights. They set industry benchmarks.
  • Trust our renowned PoDFA sample analysis service, a market reference for inclusions identification and quantification.

Melt quality consulting for every context 

  • Find tailored advice from experts recognizing distinct quality needs for various aluminum applications, be it aerospace, window frames, beverage cans, aluminum-silicon alloys in foundries, etc.
  • We also expanded our services to zinc and magnesium quality.

Partner with ABB for tailored expertise and a pathway to aluminum quality optimization!


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